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Frost Cloth Deluxe (.5 oz)
Frost Cloth Deluxe (.5 oz)

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  • 6' x 250' base size.

    Crop protection and over -winterized fabrics provide a protective environment for your plants during cold seasons. Don't take a chance when winter weather threatens. Protect your crops with winterization fabrics.

    This .5 oz fabric keeps temperatures under fabric warmer than outside conditions and creates an excellent micro-environment for seed germination and seeding growth. In fact, this fabric provides 90-95% average seed germination compared to a 60-65% average with straw.

    There are many options for this product, call for exact pricing if your request is not standard as listed on our site.
    DELUXE6506' X 50' FOLDED TO 3' RETAIL0425798222493612264132
    DELUXE66' X 250' BULK042579814862711521
    DELUXE77' X 500' BULK0425798185181420581
    DELUXE7-17' X 1000' BULK0425798185252650821
    DELUXE1010' X 500' BULK0425798184711938401
    DELUXE12-312' X 300' BULK0425798179311735281
    DELUXE12-512' X 500' BULK0425798158072335281
    DELUXE12-112' X 1000' BULK0425798157914172001
    DELUXE1414' X 100' BULK042579818488710251
    DELUXE2424' X 1000' BULK042579815814102207361
    DELUXE3636' X 1000' BULK042579815821152410381
    DELUXE4040' X 1000' BULK042579818495180388801
    DELUXE4848' X 1000' BULK042579816811173384001
    DELUXE5050' X 1000' BULK042579818501180571121

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