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Greens Shears 8" Sweeps only Hiller Discs
Greens Shears
Our Price: $59.95
8" Sweeps only
Our Price: $95.00
Hiller Discs
Our Price: $136.00
These shears are perfect for cutting leafy greens or herbs. It accumulates in the side discharge bag for efficient harvesting. The bag is removable and washable nylon material.

Middle Buster 8" Sweep Kit w/Rear Toolbar Hiller Discs with Rear Toolbar
Middle Buster
Our Price: $147.00

S-Tine Cultivator C-Tine Cultivator Vertical Tiller
S-Tine Cultivator
Our Price: $299.00
C-Tine Cultivator
Our Price: $299.00
Vertical Tiller
Our Price: $315.00

Jang Precision Seeder / Planter Bed Shaper Root Rake
Bed Shaper
Our Price: $446.00
Root Rake
Our Price: $472.00

Tuff-bilt 26" Disc Plow Side Dresser Tuff-bilt 48" Grader Blade
Tuff-bilt 26" Disc Plow
Our Price: $472.00
Side Dresser
Our Price: $490.00
Tuff-bilt 48" Grader Blade
Our Price: $548.00

Tuff-bilt 25 Gallon Sprayer Package JP-1 with JPN Fertilizer Jang TD Series Push Style Seeder / Planter
JP-1 with JPN Fertilizer
Our Price: $585.00

JP 3 Point Hitch Seeder / Planter JP 3 Series Seeder / Planter Jang TD Series Seeder / Planter

3 ROW CULTIVATIOR Mulch Applicator Model 85 Mulch Layer
Our Price: $1,242.00
Mulch Applicator
Our Price: $1,360.00
Model 85 Mulch Layer
Our Price: $1,698.00

Model 90 Mulch Layer JP-6 Seeder / Planter 36D TruFlow Topdresser
Model 90 Mulch Layer
Our Price: $1,980.00
JP-6 Seeder / Planter
Our Price: $1,995.00
36D TruFlow Topdresser
Our Price: $1,997.00
JANG Precision Seeder / Planter 2 Model 122 Jang TDR 2 Row Seeder / Planter
Model 122
Our Price: $2,195.00